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VENTURA GLOBAL Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - Program update

VENTURA GLOBAL Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)



VENTURA GLOBAL Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program: Since 2015 VENTURA Global supports the activities of Save the Children. In 2018, similarly to each of the past 3 years, VENTURA Global contributed 6% of prior year net profit to the Emergency Fund dedicated to the children in Yemen and their parents currently in catastrophic conditions who risk losing their lives due to the severe food crisis resulting from the war conflict. In the measure that VENTURA Global financial performance remains at current levels or improves, the Company will continue to allocate resources to fund its CSR program to selected causes in 2019 and future years.

About Ventura Global

Ventura Global (VG) specializes in financial solutions for the laboratory equipment market. VG develops proposals, negotiates conditions and delivers Funder approved operational leasing agreements for Users to utilize new and used laboratory equipment from world leading manufacturers. To ensure timely completion of each deal, VG takes ownership of the entire process and its documentation trail from proposals to the signed agreement and acceptance certificate to activate the leasing contract. As technology continuously evolves and as Users’ applications and market requirements change, there is a growing interest in upgrading or replacing the instruments near the end of their life cycle. VENTURA Global tailor-made solutions facilitate the purchase or replacement, upgrade, or extension of use for the instrumentation under contract. This technology renewal cycle also creates unique opportunities to acquire used equipment at very attractive conditions, ideally suited for those applications where state of the art equipment may not be required and where the budget is limited.