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Renting or leasing of technological equipment and instrumentation

In an increasingly dynamic and rapidly evolving market, Ventura Global offers financial solutions that help companies update their technological infrastructures without having to purchase the capital asset
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Both the rental and leasing of technological and capital equipment involves 3 players: the lessee, the manufacturer and the lessor. Let's find out who they are:

Ventura Global's intervention makes it possible to bring together the needs of the three players involved, guaranteeing that the needs of the parties are 100% met.
The lessee (client)
The customer can use the capital goods of interest without acquiring risks/obligations related to the ownership of the goods;
The manufacturer (supplier)
The manufacturer has the possibility of boosting the sales of its goods thanks to the operational, economic and fiscal advantages offered by Rental and Leasing;
The lessor (funder)
The lessor decides on the basis of proposals already pre-worked by Ventura Global if and how to finance the operation and is guaranteed by Ventura Global with regards to the repurchase of the capital asset at the end of the lease.

Flexibility and adaptability

Flexibility and adaptability to customer needs (short or long term, constant or variable plan, postponement of the 1st installment, etc.)

Related services

Possibility to include important services related to the equipment, e.g., warranty extension, maintenance contracts, insurance policy, training, software, licenses, kits of reagents or consumables, etc.

Payment of fees to use

Payment of the fee for the sole use of the asset and not for its ownership, therefore without burdening the balance sheet, conserving liquidity and using operating funds (OPEX) and not investment funds (CAPEX).

No purchase obligation

At the end of the rental there are no obligations to purchase but it is possible to exercise a priority option to purchase the asset.

Fiscal deductibility

The cost is 100% deductible in the corresponding year

"The value of an asset is related to its use, not its possession"


What type of goods are available?

Private companies and public entities that need instruments for analysis, research and development can find in Ventura Global an ideal partner for the leasing of scientific equipment and instrumentation.

Thanks to Ventura Global's many years of experience and resources, it is possible to rent capital equipment related to various technologies such as: Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry combined with Liquid or Gas Chromatography, PCR Thermal Cyclers, Robotic Automation Systems, Sequencers (DNA) and Spectroscopy, etc.
It is a contract which, against the payment of a periodic fee, grants the user the enjoyment of an instrumental asset for a certain period of time. Capital goods are purchased from the supplier by the lessor and leased to the lessee who, at the end of the contract, can choose from these available options:
Implement technology upgrades or replace equipment with a more advanced model to meet new requirements (even before deadline).
Extend the rental by including upgrades, maintenance contracts, new accessories, software, etc.
Exercising the purchase option of the asset including or not including maintenance contracts, new accessories, software updates, etc.
Return the equipment used up to that point.
Leasing apparecchiature da laboratorio

What are the differences between leasing and rental?

BALANCE SHEET The asset is recorded under fixed assets (IAS 17) or the financial debt is reported in the supplementary notes. The asset is not listed among fixed assets.
WHAT'S INCLUDED Only capital assets. Capital assets + additional services, e.g., warranty extension, training, software, etc.
DURATION Not less than the depreciation period, otherwise it will have a negative tax impact. Any duration allowed without altering the tax treatment.
DOWNPAYMENT Typically required and necessary. Normally not required but it can be included
END OF CONTRACT Obligation to purchase at residual value. Various options (renewal of rental, replacement of equipment, purchase, return).
FUNDS USED CAPEX (capital investment budget) OPEX (operational expenses budget)
REPORTING Financial debt, reported as bank liabilities in the Centralized Credit Risk Database. No reports